The Earth School of Spiritual Development is designed to help you explore your spiritual journey. We help to shake up belief systems, release emotional baggage, face fears and peel the layers of habits that no longer serve you so you can choose to live a life on your terms full of positivity and creation.

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"I've learned a lot from your courses and I'll take them with me in the new year."

- Ann C.


Connect back with yourself through exercises and awareness that will be presented in this course.


Create the life you've always dreamed of by removing the blockages that have stopped you in the past.


Learn from your experiences and apply the lessons. Go deep within to discover who you really are.

Hi, I am Jamie.

I am a healer, lightworker, a divine being who simply learned to overcome her own obstacles and challenges through going within myself and clearing the energy that was blocking me for so many years. I am sharing with you my exact processes in which I liberated my soul from heartache, pain and opposition to a place of healing, love, abundance, peace and so much more.